Expand Your Learning Horizon

As one of the world’s most recognized and influential educators, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, identified seven cardinal axioms in his book titled, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. These habits are:

(1) Be Proactive
(2) Begin with the End in Mind
(3) Put First Things First
(4) Think Win-Win
(5) Seek First to Understand
(6) Synergize
(7) Sharpen the Saw

Of these indispensable traits, Dr. Covey stated that the seventh habit is the most important, as it directly affects the development of the previous six traits by punctuating the devoting of time to renewing oneself in four dimensions: physical, mental, spiritual, and social.

We are here to empower ourselves in the pursuit of Wayal. We are sharpening our saws to embark upon Wayal more efficiently and effectively.

The first Wayal Academy was held in Los Angeles, California at the end of February 2017, and its theme was “Visualize, Energize, and Materialize”. The message was simple: We can see what we want from Wayal (health and wealth). We pursue the Wayal cause (the giver’s endeavor). And we can succeed in the Wayal Business because Wayal offers an opportunity in which everyone involved can win.

We are now holding the second Wayal Academy in Hong Kong with a similar and equally inspiring theme: “Engage, Equip and Empower”. Wayal aims to actively engage each affiliate on the journey to health and wealth, equip them with cutting-edge and effective marketing tools, and empower them to succeed.

With the second Wayal Academy now firing on all cylinders, we hope that every participant can expand his/her learning horizon, and then put into lasting practice what you are learning. With this, the universe will award you with what you desire – health and wealth.


有效延長學習曲線, 知行合一天道酬您



今天,我們歡聚於此就是為了通過學習和分享成功的方式,從而達到使自己“不斷更新”的目的,使我們的Wayal事業2018年有飛躍的發展。中文中有“工欲善其事,必先利其器”。 其實,第二屆Wayal商學院的目的就是幫助聯盟商“利其器”,從而知行合一最終達到“善”Wayal之事業的目標。

還記得2017年的2月28號我們舉辦第一屆Wayal商學院的目的嗎?三個英文字:Visualize(看得見你的願景), Energize(孜孜以求地工作),Materialize(持續行動、實現目標).  作為當時一家朝氣蓬勃的年輕公司,我們希望每一位聯盟商都會借助Wayal商學院的學習,使Wayal事業之旅充滿熱情,以馬拉松的創業心態和百米沖刺的精神一步一步一個腳印地向健康及財富的目的地進發。

今天,第二屆Wayal商學院的目的還是三個英文字:Engage(參與), Equip (武裝), Empower(授能)。 “參與”是指更多的人更多地了解Wayal,把Wayal視作一個大家分享健康、宣傳健康的社區;“武裝”則是為了讓每一位聯盟商在Wayal事業的旅途上,既有準確的地圖,又有高效的工具,快馬加鞭奔向終點;“授能”就是使每一位聯盟商在Wayal事業上文武雙全,擁有真正創業者的胸懷和技能,把Wayal做大做強,利己利人,讓世界安康!

今天,第二屆Wayal商學院開學了。祝願每一位參會的朋友融入(Engage)其中,延長自己的學習曲線,不斷武裝(Equip)自己,不斷壯大(Empower)自己。在這一Engage、Equip  和 Empower 過程中, Wayal  始終與你在一起,幫助你知行合一,最終天道酬你。




Dr. Linda Friedland Guest speaker at The 2nd Annual Wayal Academy, Hong Kong – April 24th - 25th, 2018

1. Dr. Peter Kash: “Nourish Your Web of Life in Business” (商海人脈, 靚麗人生)

Dr. Linda Friedland Guest speaker at The 2nd Annual Wayal Academy, Hong Kong – April 24th - 25th, 2018

2. Dr. Linda Friedland: “Aging With Vitality: Breakthroughs in the Science of Longevity”
(健康幸福地活, 充滿活力地過: 長壽科學的新發現)

Sterling Cord - Guest speaker at The 2nd Annual Wayal Academy, Hong Kong – April 24th - 25th, 2018

3. Mr. Sterling Chord, COO: “The Right Time for Doing Network Marketing Is Now”
(從事網絡營銷事業最佳時機: 當下)


4. Mr. Kevin McShane: “From Good to Great: Quality, Science and New Products”
(質量, 科學, 新產品: 不斷超越)

Justin Tsui - Guest speaker at The 2nd Annual Wayal Academy, Hong Kong – April 24th - 25th, 2018

5. Justin Tsui (both Chinese and English), CIO: “Achieve Success As A Network Marketing Pro: Wayal Online Marketing Resource Overview”
(成為網絡營銷贏家: 善用Wayal營銷資源)

April 25th GUEST SPEAKERS (Chinese & Cantonese SESSION)

1. Mr. Herbert Pan
“Become More: Ploughing Your Heart with Wayal”
2. Mr. Raymond Tsang
獎金制度: Wayal 事業成功的關健
“Compensation Plan: The Key to Success In Wayal”
3. Professor Jie Zhang
現代社會: 健康離不開保健品
“Nutraceuticals Are Indispensable for Modern Society Health and Wellness”
4. Testimonials from three affiliates
5. Ted Liu
“Grasp the Essence of Wayal Network Marketing”
6. Clifford Cheung
“Follow Me to Pursue Wayal Successfully”

The 2nd Annual Wayal Academy


The City View Hotel - Hong Kong


April 24th – 25th, 2018 1:00pm –  5:30pm
Ticket: $200
The CityView Hotel
2/F 23 Waterloo Road, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

第二屆Wayal商學院 1:00pm –  5:30pm
2018年4月24日 – 25日
門票: $200
城景國際大酒店 2/F