The celebration of the first 50 elites of the Wayal Fortune Club still lingers in our memory. These 50 leaders have set the bar for all dedicated affiliates to follow. And to continue the rally, we are announcing the next Wayal Fortune 50 Club of 2018! To accommodate the launch of our new APAC market, we are extending the qualification period to June 30, 2018.

Now all Affiliates, new or old, will have the chance of being qualified for this exclusive club. In order to participate in the Fortune 50 Club, all Affiliates must use their respective IDs, and attend all activities related to the Celebration. Otherwise, the Affiliate will be substituted by the affiliate ranked immediately after him/her, in sequential order.

Equally important, in the event any affiliate who has been sponsored after December 1, 2017 cancels his/her account – and/or returns products – and subsequently impacts the participant’s earnings, the participant’s placed ranking for qualification for may be shifted. The final results will be announced on Sep.1, 2018.

Wayal reserves the rights to change/amend these rules.