Wayal represents more than just a way to healthy living – it symbolizes a way to an alpha life!  At Wayal, we believe in returning to the solutions that have brought people health and wellness for thousands of years.  We pair the oldest remedies with today’s sophisticated nutritional sciences by providing products with the highest quality, well-researched, and scientifically validated ingredients.

All Wayal products are made in the United States by manufacturers who follow or exceed Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Each batch of products is tested before and after production to ensure its purity, quality and potency.  Safety and effectiveness are imperative, and you will find that all Wayal products match what are printed on the labels.

Your health is our top priority.  With our innovative, results-driven, premium products, you will realize the difference. And we are continually expanding our current line of products, and exploring new product lines for the future.

Wayal is not just a company – it is a premium lifestyle brand.  This is the basis of our entire vision and mission: products you can trust and use with confidence, along with a lifestyle that is in line with your goals.

Our business model is based on networking marketing, whereby our affiliates earn income by distributing our products.  We strive to provide an opportunity that facilitates health and prosperity.

Wayal Health Sciences proudly markets and promotes the AndorraLife product line, which is named after the landlocked microstate in Southwestern Europe – Andorra. Bordered by Spain and France, Andorra has the highest average life expectancy in the world of 81 years.

The letter “A” holds a deep and profound meaning. In Alpha, it represents the beginning of everything. The word “Andorra” starts and ends with the letter “A”. This cycle indicates a deeper meaning of self-improvement, self-restoration, and a never-ending circle of life.  Likewise, Wayal Health Sciences USA Inc. provides a healthy way of living. And great health is the beginning of a long and fruitful life.


At Wayal, we provide the opportunity to empower people around the world to be leaders, live healthier lifestyles, and influence others in ways that will positively change the world.